How Switching to a Plant-Based Diet Lead Me to My First Global Gold Medal

As you read in part one of my story, I started taking my running game more seriously in 2005 and I made the big leap from a vegetarian diet to a completely plant-based diet

What happened next?

  • My energy levels improved even more
  • My recovery form workouts accelerated
  • I had an insane boost in my immunity

Oh…and I won my first Gold medal at a World Championship.

1st Place in the 25-29 Age Group at the 2005 ITU Short Course Duathlon World Championship (9th Overall Female)

My secret is out!

More and more top-level athletes across a multitude of sports have been shifting to plant-based diets because the results are everywhere, and they are undeniable!

An overwhelming amount of research and studies are showing that the body does not require any type of animal-derived product to survive – it will actually thrive when it is filled with healthy, vibrant plants as opposed to the flesh and secretions of animals pumped full of hormones and antibiotics.

To reach your body’s full potential:

  • improve your energy levels
  • decrease your recovery time
  • achieve longevity 

– it’s time to start thinking about the way you fuel your body. 

Whether you are a full-time athlete, weekend warrior, just getting started in physical fitness, or simply want to feel better – transitioning to a plant-based diet can benefit you.

With the massive improvements in my performance, I was feeling unstoppable and completely motivated to achieve more it was time to really focus on my nutrition.

I love the meals that Knifehand Nutrition has created! Each meal contains ingredients that I know and already use in my kitchen. No fillers, no preservatives – thoughtfully selected whole foods combined with flavorful and beneficial seasonings. The meals are prepared, flash-frozen, packaged and ready for you to reheat and eat when you want them!

Like most people I have a full schedule and often will find myself finishing my training late in the evening with no ingredients prepped to put together a nourishing meal quickly when I still need to shower and spend time on my recovery bodywork. This is when it becomes convenient to turn to a processed alternative for a quick meal which is not the desirable option.

Having Knifehand meals in my freezer assures me that I can have a meal much like what I would prepare on my own with quality ingredients that are properly fueling me leaving me prepared for my next day of training.

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