Wheatgrass Starter Package



Subscription Details

Comes with Juicer + 1 Week’s Supply:

1 Green Queen Juicer | 2 lb wheatgrass | 1 lb sunflower

*1 lb of wheatgrass yields 10 oz of wheatgrass.

We recommend having 1 oz every day for 5 days then 2-4 oz every day. You will need about 2 lb of wheatgrass every week. The lb of sunflower is a MUST for a vegan, raw food lover. Eat them by the handful as a snack, juice them, put them on veggie burgers or even smoothies. After the first week we will send you wheatgrass to replenish your supply.

To try it out without subscribing, turn auto-renew to no schedule.

For optimal use, should already own a juicing machine.


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